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It's been one helluva week and among other things, our theme has been SPACE. And we've written about many, many aspects of it, which has been superfun! There has been more than a little on toilets. And space hi-jinx. And disappointing aliens.I just asked about sex in space and wanted to write about my hot new man crush—John Young, sexy astronaut. And we talked about Space Movies and Space B movies and Space Costumes TO DIE FOR!

And space themed art. And lists! Space Lists to be exact. And space stuff!


We do write about other stuff from time to time. We had this great post about the music and life of Nina Simone and we had people check in from Vigils around the country, here, here and here, among other things.

There is a lot more and you can check out what we've written on our nightly roundups. All which can be found by searching for our tag here or just poking around!


Next Week: Well, we're getting a little smutty. But don't worry. It's not X rated. Just R-rated. Or in my case, like more like PG-13.

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