We try to put together some nicely curated groups of posts for YOU, the discerning kinja reader Backtalk is a general interest kinja that emphasizes weekly features and thematic types of writing. This week we have written about Childhood Activities. I will provide a few of our recent articles and at the bottom of this post is a link to our roundup posts, which have far more.

Today we have been talking aboutchildhood books and terrible kids movies! (with a nod to our midnight movie feature, which include all sorts of wonderful films)

We have been talking about childhood memories and legos and your favorite kids' magazines (I liked Compute! But also YM!) and cookies and toys! And your imagination, something that Bart Simpson imagined was even better than a toy. And who can forget your favorite cafeteria lunch! with a recipe!

And as always, in the rain shows us some visual beauty inspired by childhood.


In non-theme news, enjoy this song of Ruth Bayder Ginsburg! And rejoice about the Monorail!

Summaries of our readings can be found on our evening roundups. So stop by and hang out a while!