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I just met you. This is crazy. But here's my kinja. So come by maybe. Last week is smut! This week is the West Coast. Come to Backtalk! Here are some special picks for the groupthink crowd! First of all, yes, some non-West Coast themed stories, these guys can be such jerks, our intrepid reporter, Josie Grossie, reports back from the gawker front lines. And later, we might be sharing questionable fanfiction from the world wide web. It's for the little Mark Shrayber in all of us (and that may be part of a fanfiction subgenre). Oh and the Tim Horton's/ Burger King marriage. BK might be taking off to the Great White North. It's a groovy way to go (+10 points for getting the reference).


As far as West Coast stuff, there is LOTs, Lechategris shares about West Coast Tribes, we talk about West Coast architecture, we poll our commentariat to discuss where we are from, got some stuff about the California Drought, Owl asks about the Pacific Northwest and don't forget our midnight movie!

But we have much much more! I mean, we are a small board but we had like 25 stories up yesterday, which is a lot for us and hopefully, lots for you. Read them all at our roundups! Bye guys! Oh and ps. We're not exclusive. We love people who just want to stop by and say hi!

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