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Bad Children's pictures

So recently a Facebook friend was at some sort of show, and had a picture of their kid taken while they were there, by some photography studio. They posted the picture on Facebook, along with a link to the Photography studio's Facebook page, with a note asking people to vote for their kid's photo because they could win a free photo shoot from this studio.

So I went to the Facebook page, and frankly, I'm not sure why parents would want a free photoshoot with this studio. The pictures are BAD. I can't comment on the badness on Facebook, lest I offend the person who posted their kid's photo, but I feel like the badness must be shared.


Most of the kids look stunned. Out of 18 photos, only about 4 are smiling. Yes, I know taking children's photos is not easy. But if this is the best these folks can do, I really hope they aren't planning on making their living on children's photos.

Please note, I'm not snarking on the kids. They're all adorable. The photos are just bad.

I'm not much of a photographer, but shouldn't this kid be a bit more centred in the frame?



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