Ever have a date act so mind-blowingly terrible during the date that you had to stop for a minute to do this?

Regale us with your tale of woe!

I went on a date with a guy who was an artist/game programmer who had worked for Second Life, circa 2007. We got into an argument that boiled down to:

Me: Software engineers should always pick the best tool for what they are doing instead of picking based on criteria that don't apply to the job.

Him: Nonsense! This piece of free software is always the best solution and this software is the reason that Second Life was so stable!

We cut the date short and when we left, we had to walk three blocks in the same direction, so I crossed the street to walk parallel to him.

On another date, I had a guy neg me about my choice of desserts, because the dessert I ordered was "so last year." For like 10 minutes.


Inspired by MYKITTENBITMEBUTILOVEHIM who went on a terrible date with a jerk.


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