Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, right now I am a sahm with my newborn. I have a master's and I plan to get my real estate license in the next two years. It is just a value that my husband and I have not to do daycare for the first year... so I have been calling around looking to volunteer. I live on a military base and there is a lot of kid oriented stuff. Like an infant/toddler story tIme at the library. I called asking if I could volunteer with my baby and the director was incredibly mean and said it wasn't possible. I have my master's in library science with over 10 years of library experience. My skills are useful. I understand if it was an academic library but this is a library that is pretty kid oriented... what is one more screaming kid? Regardless, she could have been nicer about it. Newborns mostly sleep.

At 6 months, I qualify for a program were I get free babysitting on base and am able to volunteer. But until then... ugh.


And I tucked up my watermelon basil jam that I was canning. So I am upset about two things.

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