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I guess boyfriends's doctor told him I had called earlier, because boyfriend called me in a flurry of rage after his appointment. He is furious I "went behind [his] back" and pretty much wants nothing to do with me. He believes I violated his trust and that I am "evil" for what I did. There was no malice in my call to his doctor; I was left with little options and in a very sticky situation. Boyfriend was trying to squeeze an apology out of me, but I stand by my actions. I got called a bitch and was told it is "in [my] best interest to not contact [boyfriend] until at least tomorrow."


I'm afraid of what's going to happen. Likely, it'll be that he dumps me because he can no longer trust me, or whatever. I was only trying to help. If you had no one to talk to about this situation (I haven't told any friend or my family because I feel that's a violation of trust, as opposed to communicating with the doctor treating him), wouldn't you do the same? I cried the entire hour long drive home from work. I'm now supposed to go to a show that he and I were supposed to see together; luckily a friend could come last minute, but this means I have to put a "face" on, and I hate doing that.

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