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Bad Experiences Working at Non-Profits

Groupthinkers - whine and rant to me about your less than great experiences working at a Non-Profit or charity. I want to hear about them!

Non-profits and charities are usually high on the list of places people want to work so that they can “contribute” or “make a difference” in the world unlike when working for a profit driven corporation. However, my experience and observations have lead me to believe that these kinds of places can be some of the worst to work or volunteer for. Why? Because people in authority use the fact that it’s a non-profit and the idea of the importance of the survival of the work as an excuse to treat people like crap. Passive-agressive behaviour, toxic work politics, favouritism, the inability to deal with or acknowledge any problems (“we should only focus on the positive!”) - all of it seems rampant in a lot of organizations.

So share with me your stories! I’m trying to write a report for an organization that has some issues, but I’m having trouble putting words to what the actual issues are and I’m hoping that hearing other experiences will help me out.



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