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Bad habits thread

Um, am I the only one who has a giant pile (or two... or three! Don’t judge!) of not quiiiite clean but not quiiiiite dirty clothes laying around? Like, I’ll wear an outfit to work, which usually means I’m wearing it for around 5 - 6 hours, then I come home and change and that shirt, in my head, isn’t really dirty, like, not dirty enough to wash, anyway, but I don’t really want to refold and put it next to the actually clean clothes so I throw it into a pile to be worn again. And now I have all these piles!

Not actually me but... not far off.

I’m convinced other people don’t live like this! So, please, GT, tell me how you deal with the not-quite-clean-not-quite-dirty laundry. First, I’m thinking I need to add a line to my habit tracker called “Deal with your laundry like a grown ass adult!” :)


And feel free to seek advice for your own bad habits below!


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