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Bad Hostess or Bad Guest - You Decide

Background: Dude came over last week, and we polished off a bottle of full-bodied red. He complimented the wine throughout the evening and drank his share.

Last night: I am drinking Scotch (It had been a day). I offer any/all items in my liquor cabinet - Scotch, rum, whiskey, pastis, tequila, grappa, limoncello.... He turns up his nose at all of these and wants to open a bottle of wine. (Side note: I have no wine under $40 a bottle at the moment, so if it is opened it better get finished because I am not wasting it.)

Dude: “I didn’t like the red last week. It was too heavy. Do you have a lighter red? A domestic?”


Q&F: “No, all of my reds are full-bodied Italian or Spanish. I do have several lighter whites.”

Dude: “I don’t like white.” Continues to stare at the rack like something is going to change.  “Okay let’s open this one.” (Remember, I am already drinking Scotch, and will not be switching over.)

He opens the bottle, pours a half glass, tastes it, spits it out, and POURS THE REST BACK INTO THE BOTTLE.

Dude: “I don’t like this one. Can I open one of the reds?”

Q&F: “No.”

Obviously I should have stuck to my “no dating” pledge.

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