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I accidentally had three margaritas (they made them with chambord! It was glorious!) at lunch with some friends I haven't seen in ages, so instead of being productive this afternoon, I've opted to explore bad movies.

I watched 15 minutes of After Earth and just couldn't keep going. Now I'm 10 minutes into Eyes Wide Shut, and since I appreciate Kubrick (even though I wouldn't call myself a fan) I think I'm going to try to stick it out. So far, the best I can say is I really want Kidman's dress in her introductory scenes. Sad that Kubrick died after such a brutally panned film.

What is the worst movie you've ever seen in its entirety?

ETA: I'm glad I appreciated her dress, because as for the rest of the movie so far, the principle character is Nicole Kidman's nipples. #freethenipple


Update: this is the least sexy movie full of sex I have ever seen ever. I'm uncomfortable regarding the amount of unsexy. 5 word movie plot: bored rich people fuck badly.

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