So, we live in a duplex in military housing. We just got a new neighbor that leave their two dogs, a german shepard and a large mixed dog, alone all the time. They aren't barky types of dogs for the sake of barking. They bark because they are sitting in their own urine/poop and are hungry. We have no doggy doors on base. When they were moving in, they left their dogs in a new house for 6 hours. I know because I could hear it and I always hear it because I am always homee. One day, they wouldn't stop barking. And I went over, told them and they haven't done anything about it or apologize. For 2 weeks, I have heard hours of barking per day.

At this point I am genuinely concerned about the welfare of the dogs. The dogs barked all day yesterday and then at 7pm last night, my husband went next door. The neighbors had all the lights off and they were barking there poor heads off. I had heard them bark all day :( These fucking assholes left their dogs alone probably for a good 14 hours. The worst part? These assholes work only 5-10 minutes away and worst case scenario could have cops feed the dog if they had a job they couldn't get away from. And most squadrons would let an airmen go home to feed their dogs if they ended up working past shift. They probably had fucking time to get Subway sandwich but not enough time to walk/care/feed their dogs.

I had to call base cops twice before they sent a police squad over. I think they took the dogs or at least told the owners they couldn't do it. At 830pm when the cops came, the neighbors weren't home. Then 30 minutes later, no more barking. And no barking this morning! Prayers that they got a dog handler and got those dogs out of there!