Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Bad pet parents make me angry - first gripe of the new year!

I was just at Tractor Supply, and someone brought their adorable 4ish month old St. Bernard puppy into the store. She was as well behaved as a puppy could be, but she felt the call of nature while in the store. The owner picked her up to make her stop peeing (good job there), but then she stayed in line with her puppy that needed to pee without telling the cashier or the manager in the next lane over. I made eye contact with her, and asked loudly, “Really?” She broke eye contact with me and left the store. I flagged down the manager and made him aware of the puddle in the high traffic area. He was so unfazed by it.

If your dog/child/wild boar/sharknado makes a mess in a store the very least you should do is alert the staff. Especially in a store like Tractor Supply where they are quite used to it and can have it cleaned up quickly.



Anyone else got a gripe going today?

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