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Good science; atrocious interpretation.

I came across an article that I think exemplifies my problems with crappy science.

It initially sounds like "plants can absorb energy from other plants and so can people!".


The original science bit in itself is interesting - a species of algae has been shown to secret enzymes that break down cellulose (i.e. the cell walls of other plant organisms) and absorb the sugars (nom nom!). This kind of external digestion is not a new concept. Flies do it. Everything does it! It's cool, but it's not new.

And then somehow we slide from algal digestion to "...The human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feed emotional states..."


Please excuse me while I check whether I'm secreting enzymes to steal energy from your aura.


Um. Nope.

Now, I'm into natural remedies and herbal medicines and growing food and knitting yurts....but this shit is why people don't take the hippie-types seriously. You're making us look dumb!

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