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Bad tattoos.

Hey, ya'll, I was reading the mainpage post about Lady Gaga's tattoo (see below). And honestly, I didn't notice that it was particularly poorly-done when I first looked at it. In spite of my having several tattoos, I can't identify a bad tattoo if it slaps me in the face. The exception being really obviously poorly done tattoos that a blind woman could identify as bad.

I dunno, I guess I can see that it's not amazing, but I just sort of indiscriminately love tattoos and am probably not classy. I wish there was more overall planning of the tattooed area going on to give more overall uniformity, but it's not my body, so meh.


But now I'm afraid that my tattoos are bad because I can't identify a bad tattoo! (I suspect that they aren't, but I'm not sure I'm qualified to say)

ETA: I feel like I should include a photo of some of my tattoos. Judge my body kindly, friends!

The bee is not actually that blurry, it's just my phone being dumb.

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