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Bad Timing or Bad Momming?

So there I am catching up on my TV watching when I decide to cue up some SNL. Fast forward to the Kellywise skit when LittleNom rolls in and joins me.

He just finished watching (most) of Stranger Things with me (and is into monsters and stuff, anyway) so a clown/Kelly/Hillary in a sewer played for laughs doesn’t set off any alarm bells for me. Surely, SNL’s punchline doesn’t include blood, right?

Until she bit off his arm and dragged him down into the sewer and my kid did this:

Real-time footage of the abrupt end of LittleNom’s childhood.

Like literally looked at me like:

And all I could muster was a tsunami of internalized guilt and this:


Guys, I think he might need therapy. Or I do.

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