So, it’s 7:20 am. There are major accidents on the main northbound artery into St. Louis at two different exits. A new accident is just being reported on 270, which would be the best route to loop around to a different highway to go downtown since 55 is a mess. The non-highway back-up routes are jacked up, because they aren’t designed to hold that much additional traffic.

Newscaster 1: “Yeah, if you are trying to get out of South County, you might as well take a break. Have an extra muffin and maybe another cup of coffee. You’re going to be late for work anyway.”

Newcaster 2: “It’s really not worth the stress. That’s just not healthy, so give it a few.”

On that note, it’s time to leave for work. I’m in South County, but I’ll just have the extra traffic of people trying to get around the highway shit.

Have a great morning, GT!