Badass Digest, a website/blog offshoot of the Alamo Drafthouse, seems to have recently learned what a Men's Rights Activist is. This happened through the traditional MRAwareness method of suddenly being attacked on the internet. Apparently, this is one of Badass Digest's "11 Satanic Rules" for the blog community:

So, being prebanned for oh so many things he was really looking forward to doing, Redditor former-teacher (oh jeez) took to the interwebs to complain. Now Badass is finding themselves on the receiving end of some MRAnger. The response by Badass has been pleasant surprise at realizing that a group like this would hate them:

So these are the guys who think white men are really having a tough go of it at the moment, and they think that this site - and its community of smart, engaged progressive nerds - is an enemy. I couldn't be happier. Congratulations, friends, we're the good guys. It's official.

You can read the whole response here. ETA—-> The link is working again (double weird), but I'm still going to leave their FB post up: