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Badass Moira Donegan beats Harper's to the punch

The woman who started the shitty men in media doc took control of her narrative before Katie Roiphe, who has a long history of victim blaming, could release her story in Harper’s.

In case you’re unfamiliar — there was a google doc circulating with the names of men in media and their violent and threatening behavior towards women. Rumors, facts, whatever women wanted to contribute basically. A couple days ago, it leaked that Harper’s was publishing a piece by Katie Roiphe and that she was going to out Donegan as the author of the doc.


It bothers me because the doc is authored by so many women, and to point the finger at one woman as starting it completely reduces its weight and importance. Moira makes this clear in her piece, and it is just...so good. Such amazing insight into the anger all of us feel, and how society tries to thwart women’s voices at any cost.

Fuck yeah Moira.

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