We recently had our primaries for state reps, and 33 year old Ilhan Omar made history by ousting Phyllis Kahn from her 44-year seat, becoming the first Somali-American candidate in state legislature anywhere in the country. She is a reflection of the largely Somali immigrant community in Minneapolis (remember bananagate?) and has been a real representative for change.

Enter Tom Lyden of the local Fox 9 News affiliate, because let’s not let this WOC feel good about anything historic she may have accomplished for too long, amirite? Lyden and a couple of local conservative publications started digging into her history and accusing her of bigamy, immigration fraud and even went as far as to accuse her of marrying her own brother.

These conservative reporters have been hounding her ever since her win in the primaries. There was also a local paper that framed Ilhan’s win around her opponent’s loss. Eventually, the U.S. Attorney for MN had to be forced to put out a statement about all of these BS accusations.


Fox 9 has since pulled their “investigation” off of their website. As for Ilhan Omar, she had this to say:


I hope she kicks ass in the generals and wins by a landslide.