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Baggage from being Robbed

I'm having an unexpected emotional reaction to a burglary that happened a year and a half ago and am in need of advice/support.

Some asshole kicked in my apartment door and robbed me about 1.5 years ago. I didn't have much of value, but he did take the laptop that I had saved up for a year to purchase. The burglary was really difficult emotionally. I didn't care so much about the loss of objects, but about the fact that I could have walked in on some scary man in my apartment. I still have anxiety dreams about the situation.

I didn't have renter' s insurance (stupid), so I was unable to replace my laptop. My mom felt horribly for me and wanted to help, so she gave me a good amount of money which I I used to purchase an iPad. I wasn't using my laptop for work or anything serious, so an iPad was a good choice at the time.


I'm now doing a ton of volunteer work for an organization I'm affiliated with, and they bought me a laptop (with my blessing) because you can only do so much with an iPad. I hate the laptop. I hate it so much. I want it out of my apartment. I'm having an emotional reaction to it that is related to the robbery and totally unlike me. I'm generally a very logical person, but I want to throw this laptop out the window. I hid it in a bookcase in my living room because I don't even want to see it.

Is this crazy? I'm obviously still processing feelings about being robbed, but it happened so long ago. I feel like I should be over it. I do have a therapist I see occasionally and can definitely bring it up with her, but I guess I'm just wondering how off the rails I seem. Thoughts?

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