So I keep reading all these stories like the mom who publicly shamed her daughter when taking away her Katy Perry tickets. Or another GTer who comforted a little girl when she was super upset.

I was a crier as a kid, I was terrified of making mistakes and would worry myself into a frenzy. I realize because when it comes to handling big emotional stuff my mom is good, but little day-to-day stuff she flips out. Like I've seen her throw a fit because we can't find the TV remote. Like really? It's worth flipping out over? I realize I've absorbed a lot of that and really have needed to watch myself over not sweating small stuff while I actively avoid major issues.

I had a mother who would carry-on over minor issues to the point I was terrified of making a mistake as a child like losing something. Then she wouldn't understand why I would be afraid to come to her with big stuff like when I hated my 3rd grade teacher and was doing poorly. Now I realize as an adult that yelling at me for lost gloves, doesn't set me up with confidence to come to you when I need you.

Like when I get mad at the Geekboy for something small, I'm always apologetic afterwards because I hate that part of myself. Back to the Katy Perry mom, your kid screwed up and can't go to the concert that's normal and usually a proportionate response to the majority of teen shenanigans especially if she'd been given a warning. Publicly shaming her is wildly unnecessary.


If I were your daughter I would internalize that any missteps I made would be made public by mother and would guard myself against her for EVERYTHING. That's if she wasn't already doing so, because you've probably done this crap it's just never gone viral before.