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Bah humbug: who else hates Christmas?

Things I hate about Christmas (please share your hateraide about the holidays):

1. Having to be “polite” to Trump loving family members who also think the Confederate flag is the best flag ever 😒 and that Obama stole all their money

2. All the dysfunctional arguing and passive aggressiveness of my parents. (Did you gain weight? You’re hair looks bad that short, I like it long. Is that what your wearing, it doesn’t flatter your figure. And on and on and on).


3. The stores! The traffic! The Walmart Greeter who yelled at me when I asked about a cart or a basket (there were none) and then I lost my car in the parking lot.

I could go on. But for an extreme and sensitive introvert, Christmas is my most dreaded Holiday. Is it over yet?!

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