Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It is viciously cold out there, and so windy that driving my Suburban is a real adventure (a gust of wind blew us within touching distance of a line of mailboxes). NOPE, not going to Bestie's place tonight. Not worth the risk of driving 60-some miles with the whole family in the car! It also snowed today. In light of this, the Smacks family has decided that it's not worth trick-or-treating this year. LittlestSmacks has a truly nasty sounding cough, my 11 year old and I are just getting over pretty bad colds, and I don't want to chance anyone new getting sick/anyone getting sicker than they already are.

So... after breaking the bad news to the kids, I shamelessly bribed away the sulking by promising to go to the store and get each kid a thing of their favourite candy (candy corn, Skittles, and 2 for Hershey's dark chocolate, from youngest to oldest). I also let them vote on what I'll make for dinner, which turns out to be tuna casserole (again *sigh* lol), and LittlestSmacks helped me make a Gf/Df chocolate cake with white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles.


At least nobody's too heartbroken about not dressing up and going trick or treating. Except me :( Halloween is my favourite holiday. I love dressing up and taking the kids trick or treating!

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