I just came back from a 5 hour lab to find the MOST HILARIOUS OF TROLLS on my stats class bitchery post. I so badly want to respond with laughing gifs, but since GT is a safe space and all I dismissed. I will copy it below if folks want to see. Nothing particularly woman-hatey, it's just one for the ages.

ETA: The fold has spoken! Replicated below.

Boo-fucking hoo.

Maybe if you y'know didn't spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours dicking around with your cell phone and texting about that one cute guy in your class, or he would be cute if he didn't have such bad BO, but you would still TOTALLY blow him cause you could like, hold your nose while you blew him or something and whining and crying about how HARD EVERFING is on the Internet you could y'know do the FUCKING WORK.

But that's obviously way too much to ask, so hey, why aren't mommy and daddy doing all of this for you anyway?

You get a NEGATIVE amount of sympathy.


Extra points for:

1) Projecting an entire persona on me (particularly hilarious about the guy stuff, though I do occasionally gush about my longtime partner over text, I suppose?).

2) Assuming my mom and dad would or could do my stats work, or that I would want them to (yes, my English/Communications major mom who never took a math course in college I'm sure would LOVE bootstrapping).

3) Clearly spending more time writing an angry response WITH MANY CAPITAL LETTERS about why I'm a lazy POS than I did taking 45 seconds to write a quick post blowing off steam while in the middle of my stats homework.


Seriously, it's just too beautiful.