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For the first time in my entire life (38 years), I am not going "home" for Thanksgiving, nor am I hosting. Going "home" is a 6-hour drive, hotel room, EVERYONE SMOKES, and 50+ people at Grandma's house. Hosting here is usually 15-20 people (I don't know how to throw small parties) and me cooking for two days straight.

Not this year! We're going to a friend's house and I am doing the desserts.

Pumpkin cheesecake is the first one up, then [at least] 2 pumpkin pies, something I call Evil Chocolate Death Pie, cranberry bread, pumpkin bread, and if I'm feeling really motivated, maybe chocolate-chip cookies and I really want to make Buckeyes but I don't know if my enthusiasm for life will extend that far. I feel like I should do something with apples, too, but my apple pie skillz are not tremendous. Maybe a crumble? I don't know. I'll get through my list and see what's happening after that.


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