So this has been kind of a local thing that I wanted to share with you guys because it makes me pretty angry and I wanted to see if I was just being crazy or something (also secretly trying to figure out who else here lives in Baltimore). A woman that lives in Patterson Park (one of the richest neighborhoods in Baltimore) wrote this article about how she is sooooo disappointed in Baltimore City because there have been some crimes around her lately and she is scurred to walk in the park for fear that she might be killed over her sweet iPhone or something. So disappointed that she might leave the city.

Now, I think there is definitely a conversation to be had about crime in the city, but this woman just comes off like a complete asshole. The very first thing she writes is this:

I'm tired of living in a major crime zone while paying the highest property taxes in the state.

So if you live in a poor neighborhood you deserve less public protection and should expect to be surrounded by crime. That statement just sets the tone for the whole article. She starts off talking about all the things she is tired of in Baltimore (again, lots of which are legitimate problems), but then comes this gem:

I'm very fond of my neighbors. The people who live on my street are amazing and I consider many of them good friends. They look after my house, and I look out for them. They host block parties, offer to help each other out, and are generally awesome folks, many of them raising families amidst this increasing insanity.

Here she is basically saying, "I like the white people in Baltimore, just not all those... other ones." This part is also hilarious (she is suggesting increased police presence in her neighborhood to arrest people for small crimes):

When people get arrested for littering or loitering or being publicly intoxicated, they go do that shit somewhere else, or they think twice about doing it at all.


So it's totally acceptable to her if the crime just leaves her neighborhood. That's a fine solution. People could be getting killed all over the city; as long as she is not personally within a few blocks of it, that is a-ok.

As I said before, I'm not claiming that there isn't a crime problem in Baltimore, but this woman is not talking about it in a productive way. There has been horrible crime in Baltimore for a long time, but she only cares at this point because it is starting to slightly inconvenience her in her rich white neighborhood.

Let me put it into perspective: last year, there were 9 murders in Baltimore where the victim was white, compared to 224 murders where the victim was black. That is 25 times the number of murders, when there are only about twice as many black residents as white.


The part that makes me the most angry is that so many people are posting this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and saying how right she is, how they are going to leave Baltimore too, blah blah blah...