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BAM! Being a Man

I came across this today - sorry if it's been discussed before.

I'd be really interested to hear views.


I am undecided. I do agree that it's important that alongside saying to men "don't be sexist pricks" it does help to have conversations as to what that actually entails in a practical fora. I am extremely sceptical about the presence of a former editor of "Loaded" though (tits out lads mag in the UK. Not female friendly). What the fuck people?


I also do worry that even with good intentions, this could easily be subverted by people who want to go back to the "good old days" where it was basically "we do what we want and everyone else falls into line".

I laughed a lot when the woman pointed out towards the end "right...so girls under performing in maths and science and no-one gives a shit, but now the tables have turned everyone's clutching their handbags".



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