Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

You guys. You have to read this, from the Globe and Mail.

ETA Warning, Margaret Wente may instill rage

My favorite part:

By high school, it claims, female self-esteem drops 3.5 times more than male self-esteem. There is undoubtedly some truth in this, although I suspect the reasons have more to do with hormones than with gendered socialization. In any event, this crisis does not prevent them from academically out-achieving the boys by quite a wide margin, or from asserting themselves in sports, volunteer work and student government, or from flooding the medical, law and business schools, or from out-earning their husbands. These days, it's not the girls who need a leg up. It's the boys.


Her advice? "Suck it up, ladies."

There are not enough GIFs in the world to describe my feelings. But here is a start:

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