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Banana Boat For Men?

Why is this a thing? I'm seeing ads for it on the Jez mainpage for some reason, which is pretty weird because a) it's Jezebel and b) I'm not a man. But why does this need to exist? The ads all hype up the manliness factor in these really corny ways. Are there actually men out there who are embarrassed to use sunscreen and so need a special manly product? I feel like there probably aren't I bet the price is way jacked up on this, and I think it's really condescending and stupid.

I've never bought sunscreen "for women," although I do buy stuff for sensitive skin because regular sunscreen—TMI—gives me an itchy rash. I usually buy Neutrogena Dry Touch in cream or spray form, preferably sweatproof with a good SPF and broad spectrum protection. And then I use a separate, face-specific sunscreen on my face under my makeup every day, since my foundation doesn't have an SPF.


I feel like luxury sunscreens (the stuff at Sephora, for example) aren't typically pink with "for women" on the label. They are sold alongside cosmetics and may claim a list of cosmetic benefits, but the labels are fairly neutral and I don't see why even those sunscreens would be too feminine for men. Stuff like regular Banana Boat and Neutrogena seem especially innocuous.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Do you feel that sunscreen is already gendered? If you're a man, would you buy this product?

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