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Bandwagon jumped: I got a new job!

Say it with me: YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!

So the past two days have spent with me telling my bosses that I'm leaving and trying to get a deal with them so I could leave in 1 month rather than the two they stated in my contract. They kept their foot strong but if I couldn't leave in a month, it'd mean that I'd miss out on this job opportunity!


And let me tell you about the opportunity. It is the work that I just graduated for 3 months ago. I'm a bit of a Jack of many related trades and here I'll be able to put them all in practice! They were even excited about it! (instead of disappointed in my lack of specialty) They do the kind of work that I really want to do! Also they believe in making the world a better place if they can, so they create concepts and startups within the company when they have ideas on how to make something better! (example concept: a way to make an adopted kid feel less abandoned when he/she has to spend a night in the hospital) Which also means that my thoughts on maybe society and social constructs might not be entirely misplaced as it is here! I would be able to work slightly less and make slightly more than I currently do!

Also, I'm currently filling in on a temporary basis, so I'd have to leave soon anyway.


At the end of the day they called me up to the meeting room and said okay! I'm going to be working at new job come october 1st! I'm so excited!!! And grateful, don't forget grateful!

A few hours ago I was overworked, overwhelmed, depressed and getting up every day has become harder. Now there's this bright new future with likeminded people!


Happy things do happen! Yay!

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