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Banks Suck

Recently Mr. Ivriniel noticed some weird activity on one of his accounts. He paid a utility bill, and it was paid twice, the second time being on the next day. He took out money from the bank machine, and the next day an identical transaction was posted again. Only he didn’t take out the money the second time. It was very weird. This happened multiple times at the bank machine.

Anyways, he contacted the bank about it, and they told him that no, they will not refund the money, that he must have made the multiple withdrawals, or had someone else make them for him.

I am so pissed. The utility says they never received the second payment that came out of his account. This alone suggests something is off. We are going to appeal and demand that check to see if the bank machine has any record of these alleged second withdrawals and that they check to see if the amount of money in the machine reconciled with the amount of money withdrawn.


This is the third time this bank has tried to deny legitimate claims in people around me. Once my ex husband when his card was cloned, once when someone stole my cheques, and now this. They always say no on the first pass, and then when you appeal they give it to you. They probably don’t expect us to know about things like record tapes and reconciling amounts of money in the machine with what the tape says and are hoping we will just accept it and go away. Not bloody likely.

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