Guys, we're in a golden age of fandom. On Friday, "Catching Fire" releases (guess who's got two thumbs and midnight Imax tickets? THIS GIRL).

On Saturday, the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special "Day Of the Doctor" airs. WHAAAAAAT.

Not to mention that after YEARS of anticipation, "Ender's Game" was finally made into a movie that's in theaters (Orson Scott Card's terribleness aside, I've loved that book since 6th grade).


Welcome! Come with me, one and all! ENTER THE LAND OF FANDOM BLISS!

Also - does anyone think it'll be worth it to go to the Way Station in Brooklyn for their "Day of the Doctor" screening? I didn't get movie theater tix in time (booo) but wonder if it'll be too big a madhouse to be worth it.