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I've had enough of you people, so here is a list of reasons why the able-bodied should be BANNED forever.

1. You don't get the fuck out of my way way, ever. Even though I could destroy your ankles with a flick of my joystick.

2. You steal the elevators when you don't need them

3. You think you're the first one to make a "get snow tires joke" EVERY TIME

4. You laugh at your own joke when you call me "wheels"

5. When I ask you guys to open the door, you press the (obviously broken, dummy,) button for me


6. You ask me where you can buy a wheelchair because it looks cool

7. You think something it still accessible if it has a small bump to get in

8. You say you're lazy too so you should have a chair

9. You think I sleep in my wheelchair

10. Because I'm plotting world domination, one wheelie at a time

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