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I cannot let it be forgotten that Barbara Mertz who as we all know and love went by the name of Elizabeth Peters. She ALSO went by the name Barbara Michaels.

Her Michaels books tend to be standalones with hints sometimes more of the paranormal. Other Worlds is overtly supernatural although you like the ones determining if the tales are supernatural are suppose to seperate the real from the paranormal. Its about researchers sitting around going through supposed tales of the supernatural. I believe three tales.

Barbara Mertz first it seems wrote as Barbara Michaels and the earliest are very Gothic in style. Greygallows is excellent. Sons of the Wolf and Master of Blacktower are very good too. Greygallows is the one to read followed by Master of Blacktower. Greygallows you do not know who to trust. And nothing to do with gallows as in hanging folk. Greygallows is a estate.


Gothic novels like in Jane Eyre type novels. I believe this genre is dead. I could be wrong.

So I just wanted to tell a fuller picture about the novelist of the month.

Barbara Mertz also wrote in her real name but nonfiction I believe just about Egyptology.


http://www.mpmbooks.com/thebooks.html A website devoted to her.

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