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"Barbaric" restraints and disabled children

This post has been triggered by something on Twitter, but I am emphatically NOT calling out anyone who posted it - similar pictures have gone around forever and have upset me before.

I also want to say that I am not nor do I have direct contact with a disabled child - however I know someone who does and I see a little of their day-to-day struggles.

This is the picture:


Obviously a photoshop job. Or is it? The Papoose restraint is actually a real piece of kit. Have a look here:

Horrific, right?

Um, nope.

Imagine a scared, physically and/or mentally disabled person. Perhaps they need a tetanus injection because they fell and cut themselves. Imagine trying to restrain your child to have the injection given safely. What if your child is 5? 10? 15? Do you want anyone in a panic, flailing around, with syringes and needles being wielded? I wouldn't. Would you want to become "the bad guy" to your child as you try to pin them down for an unpleasant experience you perhaps can't explain to them? Or maybe they have involuntary tics or twitches and there is a chance they will accidentally react to the injection. Do you see why a safe restraint is necessary?


Another similar picture showed a child being "strapped" to a toilet. Cruel and unusual punishment, or a means to some dignity for someone who doesn't want to be in nappies?


I know that the first time I saw any of this gear I was shocked and slightly horrified. But what I really want to ask is for people to not pass on the stupid hoaxes. Yes, it is easy to be taken in; or to think the whole thing is completely made up, but stuff like the "Anti-masturbation cross" is just another kick in the teeth for parents and carers. It's hard enough out there without worrying that you'll be labelled an abuser or weirdo for having something like this.

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