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This project looks really interesting. The three examples of the women pictured and their stories that appear on the blog are all mothers, and I do hope that there are women who aren't mothers, and/or who didn't nurse their children featured as well. but it's quite interesting to read about how other women view their breasts. They are so intrinsically tied to our feelings about our sexuality, femininity, and our roles as women.


Amazing that a bunch of tissue and glands is so central to us. I once knew a woman who lost an eye (you know, that thing that makes you see? a thing that can't be replaced? and while you have two, you need both for accurate depth perception) and her response and the response of the people around her was much less emotional than other women I have known who either contemplated or had mastectomies.

So, what say you all? What do your breasts mean to you? Do you like them? Hate them? I have had times when I loved mine and times when I loathed them. After I finished nursing my children, I absolutely hated mine. They were such a focus of unwanted attention from my husband. He would constantly grab them, touch them, talk about them. But his attentions were exclusively possessive. He grabbed, squeezed, twisted, and bit. He did not caress. And since I was no longer nursing, I didn't have an excuse to shoo him away from them any more. His focus on only my breasts, as if that was the only part of me that was present, dehumanized me. I started trying to minimize my breasts. I dressed in ways that minimized and concealed them. I gained weight. My posture became more slumped. My self-esteem sank lower and lower. I hated my body, and my breasts most of all.


I still don't love my breasts, but I don't hate them anymore. I don't touch them when I masturbate. But I buy better bras and wear more flattering clothes. My posture has returned to the singer's tall straight back and open chest with back, squared shoulders I used to have. Progress.

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