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Here let’t me grab the quote for you:

“Please tell me it gets easier. Charlotte is very easy, she is sweet. But all the fathers say to me ‘just you wait, when they get to nine or 11 they get crazy’.

“I’m looking forward to it. There will be some drama.”

I don’t even know where to start breaking down all the things that are wrong with this. The use of the word “crazy”, because females that do anything other than be sweet and easy are crazy, right? The self fulfilling prophecy aspect of it?


If you want to make an argument that kids going through puberty have a difficult transition, that’s fine. Puberty is a hard time and struggling with hormones can be hard for anyone. But don’t single out your female daughter and literally just throw around words like “crazy” and “drama” about her.

Blergh. I might be overly sensitive about this because my dad was also the kind of guy who would write off any emotion as just “crazy”, but cmon. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A PRINCE.

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