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Barker's Novel Scarlet Gospels or Don't Call Pinhead Pinhead spoilers

The title is really Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker its fantastic. Subtitle is mine.








This is I believe a direct sequel to Hellbound Heart. Novel is scary interesting and a quest.


This is Pinhead’s story and a detective Harry D’Amour. Harry is a specialist in demons and killing them. His best friend is Norma, maybe 80, who is blind but sees dead people. She sends Harry on a simple mission but she and Harry were tricked.

After the mission Harry looks for Norma in NYC, finds her and he and his friends pick her up.


Of course during this time the book flashes to the home of the Cenobites and Pinhead.

Norma gets kidnapped and Harry and friends chase them into Hell.

Fantastic quest in Hell. Book goes back and forth from Harry to Pinhead. Descriptions of Hell is fantastic.


This is so worth reading. Sadly this and the original Books of Blood books are the only books of his I read. I did see and enjoy first two Hellraiser movies.

I had to use my memories of the two films to get my bearings.

What novels by him are good. Did Pinhead appear in other novels?

Very exciting, descriptive and fun novel.

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