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Barron and Melania do D.C.

At least one Trump is true to her word.

In a break from tradition he won’t be attending Sidwell Friends.

St. Andrew’s, where tuition will cost the Trumps about $40,000 a year, is known for its pioneering use of brain-based research to help students of all abilities to succeed and for providing extra support for students who need it. Class sizes are small — usually 11 to 13 students — and the school says that all of its graduates go to college, including Ivy League schools, small liberal arts colleges, state schools, and schools of art, engineering and design. The school also says athletics are an “integral part” of its educational program. Among numerous sports, it offers golf, a favorite of Barron’s.


It sounds like an excellent school that would be suitable for Barron if he does, in fact, have special needs. Additional costs of keeping them in Trump Tower aside, if he does have special needs I have to agree that not switching him mid-school year was likely best for him.

I wonder if Melania could be a tempering influence on Trump. She does disapprove of the tweeting, after all.

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