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Pre-ETA: This started as a HALP post, but ended up being an intro (your girl needs to be KNOWN like the Leo she is) and welcome/ OT invitation? I’m in a Real Chill Mood (#RCM) over here, if you can’t tell.


*prays spacing works out*

Hey y’all! How’s Wednesday treating yas? Please feel free to use this space to ask any basic-ass or high-level Kinja questions! I just need to get this out there..


Somehow, after YEARS of being part of the GT/Gawkerverse (Bustleverse? Univisionverse? Who owns what now?), I do not know how to follow blogs, subs, or get ungreyed in other spaces like i09 or AV club/TV club where I lurk frequently but don’t comment as much. I used to know! It was a hover thingy with a + sign. Is that gone now? Do I need to use Bluetooth? :(

Anyone have advice for a dunce like me? Is following still a thing now? Is getting ungreyed an obtainable goal? Please clap?

Much love, and welcome to the new writers as well :) I am Buffyismyhomosapien, a Manic Non-Pixie Nightmare Girl (MNPNG) who lurks a looooooooooot (see above) and comments with furvor re:Nightmare Girl. The title for my autobiography would be, “Please Don’t Make Me Go Back In There! A Journey through my Mind”. Jk a bit, because I am not a great writer and will likely not warrant an autobiography. I certainly don’t know what gets capitalized in a fake AB title, so we’re off to a meh start already.

Tell us about yourselves, if you wish! I know this has been done a bit by the mods (I am NOT A MOD!!! NOT A MOD!! Just a civilian) but I introduced myself sooooo...

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