I got a bathing suit that actually fits and looks cute! I got this one last week when it was on sale, so thanks to whomever mentioned the sale!

I haven't bought one in years. I've actually been actively avoiding buying a bathing suit since cute one-piece suits were almost non-existent until maybe a year ago, really. You had to buy something sporty which isn't my style and they didn't usually fit my big ol' boobies without major spillage in the middle or on the sides.

I'm just so friggin' happy. I danced a little jig in it like a dork. MY BOOBS FIT. I haven't had a bathing suit top properly fit since high school! I have G-sized breasts and they fit in there so if y'all are looking for a cute bathing suit and you have concerns about breast-fittage, not to worry with this one.

And now a gif of Benedict Cumberbatch wearing swim trunks and the top of a sexy tailored suit for your viewing pleasure: