So, I knew that getting a decent bathing suit with a chance of fitting would be nigh impossible for someone who wears a 42HH at the top. So I set out early to order one. I found an Elomi bikini set on Nordstrom's website. Things were looking good. I ordered it. It was supposed to have been delivered yesterday.

UPS claims they left it on my porch. Nope.

I call Nordstrom to see if they can rush me a second one. Nope. They're out. They don't have one in my cup size. UPS lost what seems to have been the last one available. Planning early was useless.

I have scoured the internet. There is little to nothing available at this point. I know that it's only April, but why is the selection so damn limited?

Why can't I buy a bathing suit that fits comfortably and doesn't make me look like a potato?!?


It makes me insane that I can't buy a bathing suit in the same sizes I do bras. My boobs don't suddenly get smaller and less heavy just because I'm going to the beach. I only know a handful of women who are comfortable braless, and most of them have their own boob related issues.

I'm going to the beach in shorts this weekend. Fuck UPS.