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Bathroom Bill passes Texas House

Just got a press release about it. Fuck this noise.

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Here’s the press release in full. It’s from the office of State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin).


The “bathroom bills” were revived by amending SB 2078.

Austin, Texas - Today, the Texas House of Representatives added an amendment to Senate Bill 2078 that regulates bathroom usage in schools. The House passed SB 2078 on second reading by a vote of 92-49 after adopting the discriminatory amendment.


State Representative Eddie Rodriguez issued the following statement regarding the amendment:

“We’ve lived through dark days in this country. ‘Separate but equal’ was the law of the land for decades and millions of Americans lived as second-class citizens based on the color of their skin.


“So-called ‘bathroom bills’ represent the next chapter in our nation’s shameful history of state-sponsored discrimination.

“Representative Paddie’s amendment was sold as an effort to protect Texas children, but it targets one of our most vulnerable populations for bullying and harassment. SB 2078 would keep transgender schoolchildren out of the bathroom they feel most comfortable using and single them out as different from their peers over something they can’t control.


“There was no appetite for a ‘bathroom bill’ in the House, but in the final days of session Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick threatened to force a special session if the House would not help him deliver on his political promises. Representative Paddie’s amendment is not about child safety, it is the House capitulating to the lieutenant governor’s threat.

“The national ‘bathroom bill’ debate is driven by ambitious politicians exploiting fear and misunderstanding of transgender people. There is no room for compromise when it comes to discrimination.”

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