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Bathroom Remodel: What Would You Do?

We just bought a new house and had a contractor come look at our master bathroom for a remodel. It’s not big by any means. Toliet and vanity on one wall, narrow walking space, shower and huge jetted tub on other wall. If it were up to my husband and I, we’d ditch the idea of a tub and have a giant spa shower with bench.

However, he’s in the military, and we’ll be moving in 2.5 years, so this isn’t our forever home. Ideally we want to sell and break even since that’s not enough time for a house to appreciate. We want to be smart about the design. If you take out a bathtub, the bathroom is no longer considered a “full bath,” and the appraisal will come back lower as a result of taking a 3.5 bath home to a 3.25 bath home (master bath would go to a .75 bath I guess). That may be fine if we have a potential buyer that loves a big shower, but there are still women out there who love their bath tubs in their master bathroom.

Options: Take out the big jetted tub and install either a free standing soaker tub or a corner tub. This will give our shower an extra ~4 inches. He can also remove the lower step into the shower and expand the door out adding ~ 3 inches. This would definitely help the shower as it’s not totally just small and awful and retain a full master bathroom.


Option 2: Screw the tub and the appraisal, let’s get ourselves a big ass shower and gamble that we’ll find a buyer who appreciates it as well.

What would you do? How many of you would not buy a house over the master bath not having a tub?

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