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I went to Rite Aid and got all sorts of random ass shit, and then took to Pinterest to figure out what I could do with it. SWEET BABY JESUS. The THINGS you can do with food! Besides eat it, of course.

I made a scrub out of brown sugar, ground coffee, olive oil and honey. Then I made a hair/scalp mask out of plain yogurt, honey, tea tree oil, olive oil, and argan oil. It didn't make my psoriasis go away completely but it is substantially less itchy! I also found out that my cat does NOT enjoy the smell of tea tree oil, which is understandable. I also put some on my foots to see if it will help with the stink issue I had.


I also called my school's counseling office today! I made a step! Unfortunately, since it's my first visit, I have to make it in person (not sure why) so I'm going to go in on Monday and do that. I'm nervous, but...less so. You all helped a lot. Thank you :)

Now I'm just drinking this bottle of wine and keeping in touch with Consort Fluffybutt. Turns out his mom had THREE inflamed hernias! Jeez. She had surgery this morning to remove them, and last I heard she was still in the ICU/recovery. I'm gonna see if there's any more news. Poor Consort is so distraught...I offered to go to the hospital with him but he wanted to go alone. I wish there was more I could do.

Besides that, I'm just using tonight to relax. Tomorrow I'm jumping back into schoolwork and studying for finals. One week from today I will be DONE. Well, done with the semester. I want to speak to an advisor but all the appointments are booked for now because of the end of the semester...I may have to wait until January to get in. We'll see. I should be able to soon enough.

How is everyone else's night going? Doing anything interesting?

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