Now that my semester is basically over (except for the final I have in two weeks, which is going to be super easy and I do not need two weeks to study for, so I'm so annoyed I can't just go home already!), I am starting to plan my trip to see my parents in Minnesota (and maybe some GTers too?!). My absolute favorite part of going back home (well, tied with seeing Twin Cities GTers, of course) is reading in my parents' marvelous bathtub. (It has jets. And a stained glass window. And a skylight. And candles. And space for me to put my glass of wine. And it's big enough for the Constable and I to fit in it together! I cannot explain how much I love this bathtub.) So obviously, I need some book suggestions for reading in the tub. Keep in mind that grad school is hard, and my brain is essentially dead, so I want something that is an escape from high-falutin' fancy book learning. I want bathtub books. Things like YA fiction. I'll probably read at least a couple John Green books. Maybe some murder mysteries? Anything gripping and good, without being TOO intellectually stimulating. Hit me, GT.