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My comments

1. Oh god 2.5 hours was too long.

2. So humorless. One joke and that was from Clark’s mother. Seriously needed humor.


3. I really liked Affleck as Bruce Wayne. He has been Batman for 20 years. I wish he or Alfred would have mentioned Robin, Selina anyone. When Alfred mentioned Bruce needing a relationship I wish Bruce would have mentioned Selina Kyle. He came across as tired, angry heading to the last rounds as Batman but nothing really explaining why. One hint about a dead Robin that’s it.

4. Batman kills. When he was rescuing Martha he had no problem killing. I wanted to know why? What lead him to just kill. What lead him to mark criminals. Again you knew he is in his twilight years but not sure why he does these things.

5. I hated this Superman. Ugh. I miss Christopher Reeve so much and even George Reeve. Where was the idealism. Where was the “aw shucks” attitude. Reeve’s Superman would have put an end to this messiah/god thing right off the bat. Both Christopher and George portrayed Superman as an ideal who saw our potential and represented the best we can be. The ultimate Boy Scout.

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6. Maybe we just overthink things. No one in the late 70s early 80s would have had a plotline of is Superman a god and messiah. Yes the vastly better Gene Hackman did this but it came across as an idiotic argument yet that was only based on absolute power corrupting. It had a ludicrousness about it. This movie god it took that notion seriously.

Although in Superman 4 there was a touch of seriousness about it when Superman realized he really cannot and should not save mankind from themselves. Even then it was based on power no matter how noble can go too far. Nothing about god or messiah.


I wish Lex and the writers focused more on absolute powers being corrupting then this religious spin.

6. When Superman saves Lois after her fall how did he know she was falling? Seemed liked such a coinkidink moment.


7. Suicide Squad trailer looks like it will have humor this movie lacks. Is SS in a different universe as BVS or a compliment too this movie. Joker looks a bit too young.

8. Why do I get the feeling the Wonder Woman movie will be about her recruiting the other metahumans? What Bruce said about bringing in the other metahumans makes me think this is going to be the Wonder Woman main plot.

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