So, this article has been making the rounds among my FB friends, and we have a lot of important questions.

Such as:

1) Is this for real, or is the part of the genre of wedding ridiculousness satire?

2) What the f—- is a soda hat? (Fortunately, if you scroll down, there is an illustration).

3) Is this the way the crazy rich live? Part of the discussion about whether it’s reality vs. satire hinged on the possibility that the couple and everyone in their social circle are really rich, and are used to everyone dropping lots of $$$ on trivial things and doing things in over-the-top ways.

4) How do people like this even maintain friendships in the first place? Like, surely they gave signs of being this self-centered and bizarre in the first place? Are most are their friends the same way?


5) Are home polygraph tests really a thing? You’d think they’d spring for the professional expensive version, and at least be willing to shell out the cost of one wedding outfit.

However, I think the saddest thing I’ve seen among my friends’ discussions are multiple people relaying stories about formerly-close-friends deciding they didn’t want their friend in the wedding party/didn’t invite their friend to the wedding at all because of their weight and/or tattoos. So even if people don’t know anyone quite this crazy or over the top... self-centered couples/bridezillas do end friendships because their friends have the wrong “look” for their photos.