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Battling emotions: Sobek is better feminist?

I feel...proud, sad, angry, jealous, very happy and overall just confused. And I feel bad about the negative feelings. I am a bad wife right now.

Lemme explain:

Sobek is an illustrator working for a non-profit group. He made a kids book, and insisted that one of main persons is a woman in a typical male job, and the other is a brown skinned boy. He also includes all kinds of races and genders and things into his pics in general, like asians, indians, goths, bikers, homosexuals, old people, thin, sturdy, disabled...it is something that is important to him. He even hid a zombie in a poster about pandemics.
Now...the book went kinda viral with the 6 year olds. To the point that these kids now call persons of all genders working in this particular job “name of the woman he drew”. One of the people leading the project told him that ALL kids love the fact that the kid in the story is dark skinned, because the indian, pacifica, maori and who else all identify with him.
He basically did a great thing for inclusivity and feminism, and left his footprint in history, kinda.

Now...I am proud of him. really. But I am also...miffed. I talked him into feminism and inclusivity. I share stuff and educate people on feminism. I am volunteering in a postgrad women’s club.
And he gets the cookie.

I am so torn. He is humble, and does not brag about it, and I know he did not ask for the cookie. I will also benefit from it, since he gets a pay rise, so maybe we can start my dream of a warm, insulated place over winter even though I still have no paid job. And I know he is always asking for more women in his agency, and is even included into the hiring process for it, so more people will benefit in the end.

But yeah, bad aftertaste, somehow.


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